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  • Homeless in Kamloops need blankets

    KAMLOOPS – When Barbara Lundstrom heard there were 77 people tallied in the 2014 homeless count, she knew she had to do something — especially when her idea about what to do woke her up at 4:30 a.m.

    “I phoned my daughter,” Lundstrom says with a laugh. “She told me to phone her back in 12 hours.”

    Lundstrom decided it would be up to her to gather blankets for all those who were sleeping outdoors as the cold winter months approached
  • Homeless man's tent goes up in flames on North Shore

    KAMLOOPS – Firefighters quickly knocked down a tent fire on the beach behind the Riverside Gardens apartment building on the North Shore.
THOMPSON: Words of American slave ring true today
  OPINION I’ve probably written more than 100 speeches over the years…mostly for corporate CEOs and occasionally a politician. It is a challenging style of writing…and admittedly a somewhat odd way t

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