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  • The Importance of Switching to and from Winter Tires

    Spring has come to the Okanagan, but don’t take those winter tires off just yet. Summer tires are not yet permitted on signed B.C. highways until April 30.  As the weather warms up and the temperature stays above 7C, it will be time to start thinking of contacting your local mechanic to swap your winter tires out. Don’t wait too long — winter tires wear out quickly when used on warm or hot driving surfaces because they are manufactured with ice-gripping softer material.
  • The Best Online Casinos in Canada for Real Money Casino Games in 2022

    Canada is home to some of the world's most avid online gamers, and these days, nearly all online casinos have opened their digital doors to Canadian players.
  • Reasons to see your mechanic twice a year

    Next to our homes, our automobiles can be one of the biggest investments we make. And it’s more important than ever to maintain them properly — not only to keep them running in tip-top and dependable condition for safe and secure driving but also to maintain their value.
  • Generosity in Action: iNFOTEL MULTIMEDIA Participates in Community Giving

    We are committed to supporting local non-profits and the volunteers who donate their valuable time to community non-profits. During these unusual times, fundraising efforts have been challenging, yet the need for non-profit services continues to increase.
  • *UPDATE* Attention Small Business Owners! New Grant Available For Online Stores

    BC Government Announces New Grant for Ecommerce Development
  • Okanagan Excavation Services = Development and Growth

    Land development throughout the Okanagan Valley depends on the expertise of excavation companies that deliver services ranging from civil construction to housing developments and vineyards. Development means greater individual wealth, infrastructure upgrades and improvements  and new opportunities that attract future investments.
  • Sponsored Content – Does it work?

    What is sponsored content?
  • Winterizing Your Car – Be Prepared!

    Check your battery. Do you have the right battery for Thompson-Okanagan winters? Batteries can take up to twice as much current in cold winter, so having enough cranking amps is vital. Check the posts and terminals for corrosion, being careful to avoid contact with your skin and eyes. You need a good connection to send a charge to your starter, and you can clean off corrosion with a simple battery terminal cleaner.
  • Buying a new TV? Four things you should know.

    Working your way through the wide array of TVs available can be challenging. If you are going straight to an electronic expert for advice (many times the easiest choice), let them know your personal use pattern and what is important to you in a viewing experience. How close you sit to your TV will determine screen size. Do you intend on using HDMI ports? Will you be mounting your screen on the wall? Before starting off on your trek to find the perfect TV, here are a few facts to get you started.
  • Back to School Cell Phones

    If a new cell phone is on your back to school shopping list, check out the new iPhone 8 or Samsung s9.

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