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A Whole New Level of Fitness

Jason Reynen with having you discover a whole new level of strength and fitness.

You won’t find walls of mirrors, elliptical machines or dozens of televisions mounted on the walls. What you will find at Beach City CrossFit in Penticton is a feeling of amazing accomplishment.
     For some, watching a CrossFit competition or walking into the gym for the first time may look like a military training regiment, but the fantastic thing about this rapidly growing fitness phenomenon, according to Jason Reynen, co-owner of Penticton’s Beach City CrossFit, is that it can take people to a level they’ve not been able to accomplish prior, or maybe even thought they couldn’t accomplish.
     “CrossFit is for everyone. Most people don’t know what it is and they think it’s for someone who’s already very fit. The basis here is to be good at all aspects of life,” says Reynen, whose gym is located on prime Skaha Lake beachfront property.
     Weights of varying types, kettle bells, climbing ropes, gymnastic rings, tires and climbing walls are the equipment that will put your body to the test. Jumping, power lifting, rowing, running, climbing, gymnastics, yoga, swimming, pushing and pulling are the basis of CrossFit, which is arguably the largest fitness movement to date, Reynen says. “It’s gotten so big because of the type of training it is. It’s functional fitness.”
     CrossFit all started about 18 years ago by founder Greg Glassman. Since then, 19,000 CrossFit affiliates have opened worldwide.
     There are too many workouts and combinations for anyone to get bored, and classes and workouts are all under a trainer. Reynen says only 10-12 people at a time work under one coach during a class, or there is one-on-one instruction. The drop in style of workouts is not how CrossFit works, as the trainer needs to properly assess fitness levels, goals, nutrition, lifestyle and ability.
     “We start with the foundations program which is one-on-one. It encompasses the most basic fundamentals of CrossFit.”
     Besides the extraordinary sense of accomplishment and fitness achieved, the activity provides a real sense of community. “The community aspect of this is what makes it popular. We celebrate each other’s successes,” says Reynen, citing one of his clients is aiming to lose 150 pounds, while another comes to the gym several days a week; and he’s 77 years old. Others who come are as young as 5 years, for kids CrossFit.
     The hand painted mural of the Incredible hulk and the graffiti tags on the massive walls definitely get clients pumped, but so does the huge garage door that opens to  the lake. “We’re the only place with a gym on the water.” The lake and the sand extend the training area and get participants outside.
     All of the coaches have at least 8 to 10 years experience, and work with clients on building a strong body,  state of mind and healthy eating.
     “Life’s about living and enjoying. I wake up every morning and can’t wait to get to work. I feel passionate about what I do,” says Reynen, who also owns Minute Muffler in Penticton.
     “This workout is the best hour of your day.”
     Beach City CrossFit is open seven days a week, morning to evening. Visit for more information and class times.


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