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BEPPLE: Take care of what’s important — go vote

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We’re heading into the last stretch of a very long federal election. The end is in sight and everyone is ready breath a collective sigh of relief.

For myself, I’d had enough of the election a few weeks back. I’d heard enough. I’d had enough. So I went and voted at the Elections Canada office in Kamloops. It was fast and easy. My mind was made up, so I didn’t need or want to wait to vote.

It seems I’m not the only one. Advanced polls hadn’t even opened until today, but so many of my co-workers, friends and family have already told me they’ve voted too. Just like me, they went to their Election Canada office to vote.

Even my 18-year-old nephew, who just moved to Kamloops, went on his own to the Elections Canada office to register and voted at the same time. If even 18 year olds are voting early, my guess is that when the final tally is in, the number of people voting ahead of the Oct. 19 election day will be at an all-time high, here in Kamloops and across Canada.

Advance polls open today and run from Oct 9, 10, 11 and 12. Up to Oct 13, voters can also vote by mail or in person at through their local Elections Canada office. In Kamloops, the Elections Canada office is at the corner of Columbia Street and Summit Drive (in the building formerly occupied by Scotiabank.)

Voting on the Oct. 19 election day is certainly exciting. You get to see the entire cross section of society showing up, some by themselves, some with their friends or family. Some will wait until election day, just for the excitement of being part of the big day.

While there are a lot who don’t vote, the ones who won’t take the effort to make time in their day to vote on election day, some take considerable effort. I once knew a man, who was dying of cancer, and still went to vote on election day, just a few days before he passed away. That’s how much voting mattered to him.

Luckily, for most of, voting is not life or death, it’s simply something we need to schedule into our day, to make time for.

For me, voting early just made it that much easier.

As much as anything, for me it comes down to being Canadian and being a bit of a procrastinator. By Oct. 19, there may or may not be snow. There’s usually at least a skiff of snow before Halloween. But, knowing my track record, I may or may not have snow tires on before the first snow fall.

I’d rather be safe than sorry, so voting early means it’s done. Snow or no snow, on election day I’ve taken care of what’s important. I’ve voted already. Now I just have to get those tires on.

Get the snowies on and get out to vote!

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