Ride-sharing law a year away in B.C. as government hires expert to consult

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VICTORIA - Legislation allowing ride-sharing in British Columbia is a year away after the province hired an expert today to consult on the best way forward.

Transportation Minister Claire Trevena says Dan Hara, who has over two decades of experience, will consult and prepare the taxi industry for services like Uber and Lyft.

Trevena says Hara will finish his work early next year and his recommendations will help the province with legislative changes anticipated for next fall.

Hara has also been asked to make recommendations to modernize safety regulations, vehicle licensing and other industry regulations.

Trevena says people are impatient for change, but the government wants to move sensibly.

The opposition Liberals and Greens have campaigned in favour of ride sharing, with the Greens preparing to introduce a private member's bill.

Green Leader Andrew Weaver says he is disappointed the NDP will not fulfill an election promise to bring in ride-hailing services by the end of this year.

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