Monaco Towers get another shot at city approval

Image Credit: Premier Pacific Group

By Julie Whittet

Kelowna's downtown skyline could be re-shaped with two new towers in the heart of the cultural district, at St. Paul Street and Doyle Avenue. The proposed highrises, initially considered too robust and tightly spaced, have been re-imagined by developer Pacific Premier Group and will get another chance to win city approval at today's council meeting.

Revised plans for the project known as the Monaco, envision two towers at 22 and 30 storeys each, spaced 32 meters apart. The buildings would house a total of 161 residential units, 128 hotel suites and 3,000 squared meters of commercial space on Doyle Avenue, a block down from the Madison building.

The city deferred the proposal last December but supports the effort to get more people living and working in downtown Kelowna. The Monaco's developer promises a family friendly environment of “live, work and play,” offering two restaurants with panoramic views of the Okanagan Valley, a $650,000 daycare facility, and a landscaped rooftop. The project also seeks to enhance the feeling of Kelowna's cultural district and would feature two new public art installations.

With plans for a new Interior Health Association building in the vicinity, the Monaco would provide residential and commercial space to accommodate the approximately 1,000 extra workers coming to downtown Kelowna.

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