Unique vantage point helps Kitimat RCMP catch drivers endangering students

Image Credit: Istockphoto

KITIMAT, B.C. - RCMP officers in Kitimat, B.C., are using creative measures to catch drivers who ignore school bus warning lights.

Mounties are riding on the buses in that north coast community to nab drivers in the act.

Buses have also been equipped with dashcams to collect video evidence.

Kitimat's school bus co-ordinator, Angie Maitland, says area drivers frequently ignore flashing bus lights signalling students are getting on, off, or preparing to the cross the street.

Laws across Canada require drivers on the both sides of the street to come to a full stop when school bus warning lights are activated.

B.C. penalties for disobeying school bus signals include a $167 fine and three licence demerit points, but Transportation Minister Todd Stone said in March that tougher punishments could be in place by the end of June.

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