Two critically injured in Savona car crash

Image Credit: Contributed

KAMLOOPS – A rope rescue was required to save the two critically injured people in an SUV that went over a steep embankment just east of Savona on the Trans Canada.

The driver and passenger were trapped in the GMC Blazer that left the highway and plummeted about 100 feet Saturday morning.

The road was icy and it was snowing at the time.

Assistant Kamloops fire chief Jeff Bell says rescuers, including a crew from Savona Fire Rescue, needed to rope down the steep embankment to get to the vehicle, adding the patients were strapped into stretchers for the trip back up the hill.

The injured people were loaded into ambulances and taken to Royal Inland Hospital.

Bell says they get called to quite a few rescues on that stretch of Highway One from the lookout down to Savona.

“There are steep banks on both side of the road.”

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