New Central Okanagan fire hazard warning signs

Image Credit: Contributed

KELOWNA - Awareness about the fire hazard across the Central Okanagan is being raised by some additions at several regional parks.

New Fire Hazard signs are up at key entrances to Glen Canyon, Rose Valley, Scenic Canyon and Mission Creek Regional Parks.

Communications Officer Bruce Smith says the new signs are installed in the new look information kiosks that have been built in these parks.  

“Our goal is to raise awareness for our park visitors as they enter our parks about the fire hazard danger rating," he says. "It helps to reinforce that fires, smoking and campfires are not allowed at any time in our Regional Parks and that people should be very careful especially at this time of year.”

“As we install our new information kiosks in other regional parks, we’ll be adding the fire hazard warning signs," Smith says. "Our plan is to take the fire hazard signs down each fall, when the threat of fire drops and put them back in place at the start of the next fire season. That way the signs will hopefully stand out more and people will pay more attention to them."

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