New baby born to endangered killer whale population off B.C.'s coast

Image Credit: Wikipedia

VANCOUVER - Scientists say a killer whale calf has been born to an endangered population of orcas off B.C.'s coast.

The Center for Whale Research in Washington state has confirmed the birth of a new orca in the J pod of the so-called southern resident killer whale population.

The newborn is being called J-50 and was seen swimming alongside its mother, identified as J-16, on Tuesday.

Whale watchers in Victoria say people are ecstatic after a pregnant female orca in the same pod, identified as J-32, recently died.

Whale enthusiasts were devastated after the death, calling it a huge blow to the dwindling southern resident population.

With the new addition, there are now 78 of the endangered whales in the waters of B.C. and Washington state.

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