Mom wants extra jail time for drug trafficking

By Julie Whittet

A mother of three children who was caught selling drugs in Kelowna asked for a longer prison sentence to get help with her addiction.

Karina Derby pleaded guilty to two charges of drug trafficking and asked to served time in a federal penitentiary of two or more years.  Under the federal system, she gets better support for her drug addiction and mental health conditions. She has a record of selling drugs and has served conditional sentences—jail sentences to be served under strict conditions at home. Kelowna Provincial Court judge Brad Chapman granted her wish—two years in jail. He said Derby requires a stronger support system to keep her away from drugs in the future.

Defence lawyer Gavin Jones said Derby struggles with both schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder. She suffered abuse as a child and living with drug-addicted parents and again during her teenage years in foster care, Jones said.

As part of her conditions of sentence, Derby is forbidden from possessing any firearms and prohibited drugs for the duration of her life.

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