Looking for a forever home; Penticton SPCA pet of the week

Image Credit: B.C. SPCA

Mittens is a polydactyl which means she has extra toes on each foot. Polydactlys cats are actually quite common and they were called 'Hemingway' cats in England. Sailors liked Polydactyl cats because they thought they could grab mice and rats easier with their thumbs. Polydactyls are very 'dog' like because they love to follow you around.

Mittens is an indoor cat only and has lived with a young child. She loves to play with her toys and is still a kitten at heart.

Mittens does not enjoy the company of other cats but loves the company of people. She will follow you around until you give her a bit of attention. Come into the Penticton SPCA and meet Mittens, and see why this black and white beauty with extra toes will make the perfect forever kitty.

Mittens Animal ID number is 371340.

For more information about Mittens go to the Penticton SPCA website.

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