Local agriculture in Kamloops video

Image Credit: YouTube

KAMLOOPS - The City of Kamloops, in partnership with Community Futures Thompson Country, is pleased to announce the release of “Local Agriculture in Kamloops,” a short video developed to promote and recognize the achievements of Kamloops’ local agriculture industry.

The production of the video is a result of an action item from the City’s Agriculture Area Plan (AAP). Based on public input, the AAP identified that a secure food supply and public awareness are key issues for local agriculture.

In an effort to build public awareness, the AAP recommended that a promotional video be developed to highlight local agriculture and showcase areas of the industry that may be unfamiliar to the public.

The video features local farmers, restaurant owners, winemakers, growers and the diversity of local products offered in the region.

Join us in celebrating and promoting the agriculture industry of Kamloops and the region!

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