Help Kassidy get the operation she needs

Kassidy needs to have her paw amputated because of a birth defect causing her to drag it when she walks.
Image Credit: SPCA

VERNON - The Vernon SPCA is reaching out to the public for help after a dog was found limping and alone on the side of the road.

Kassidy needs to have her front right paw amputated. Because of a birth defect, she is forced to drag the paw when she walks. When she was brought to the SPCA, the paw had been rubbed raw and was bleeding.

The Vernon SPCA is hoping the public can help Kassidy, who has stolen their hearts in only a short period of time. The cost of the operation alone is $950. More will be needed for her post-operation care.

Kassidy recently had puppies, and the SPCA is concerned about where they are and what condition they are in.

“This poor, sweet girl deserves to experience better quality of life,” branch manager Corinne Ross says. “She looks like she’s only three or four years old and is a very adoptable little girl who needs a loving home.”

If you can help Kassidy and other animals like her in need at the Vernon & District Branch, please call 250-549-7297, drop by the branch at 4800 Haney Road in Vernon, or donate online.

To contact the reporter for this story, email Charlotte Helston at, call (250)309-5230 or tweet @charhelston.

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