Councillor reveals shortfalls of new parking meters

Theresa Bru has to stand on tip-toe to see downtown's new parking meters.

VERNON - A city councillor is concerned Vernon's new parking meters are too high for the "vertically challenged."

Coun. Juliette Cunningham, who runs a downtown business, says she's had trouble seeing the meters, especially when the sun hits them.

"They've just been a huge source of frustration already," Cunningham said at Monday's council meeting.

Theresa Bru, who works at Cunningham's Carousel Consignments store on 30th Avenue, says customers have had trouble with them too.

"They're not going to work at all," Bru says. "A lady put $1.50 in and was fined because the meter was out of order. She couldn't see it."

At 5'1", Bru has to stand on her tip-toes to get a glimpse of the screen.

"We've joked that people will have to keep stools in their cars," she says.

To make the meters more accessible, Cunningham suggested cutting them down a bit. The new meters were introduced earlier this year, and there are still a good number of the old ones around town.

“The new credit card reading meters are being trialed and will give extra convenience to the public and allow us to replace some of the meters that don’t accept the newly minted coins or the new rates,” Clint Kanester, manager of bylaw enforcement said.

The solar powered meters are being installed for free as a trial by both IPS Group Inc. and Mackay Meters. Kanester said unlike the old meters, they bring the benefit of instant notification if one gets jammed or goes down, allowing for quicker repairs.

The city is welcoming feedback on the meters before making a final decision.

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