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  • Toddler loses it when dad drives by in a freight train

    Kids love trains, no question.
  • Were your high school teachers this cool?

    How cool is this theatre teacher? Take a look at him and his classes put on a show while they dance to Mark Ronson's song "Uptown Funk."
  • Say what? NFL players talking nonsense

    The latest bad lip reading is out and the target this go-around is the NFL. Watch some pro-athletes say some ridiculous things after a YouTube genius has dubbed over sports footage with some wacky voice creations of their own.
  • Challenging a fictional Disney character will bruise your ego

    Push-up contests are not for the faint of heart. It can get competitive in an instant and the pressure is always highest for the person who suggested it in the first place. But those off-putting elements didn't sway one Disneyland guest when he challenged Gaston (yes, the character from The Beauty and the Beast) to a push-up contest. See who wins and who earns a spot in the Hall of Shame.
  • The best pet vines from 2014

    Whether it was to relieve boredom, to laugh or to procrastinate at work, we all spent a good chunk of 2014 watching animals on YouTube this year.
  • Philosophical Megatron loses it after selfie request

    Who knew Megatron had strong opinions about selfies? 

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