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  • Gas price hike in Penticton

    PENTICTON - You might want to consider filling up your gas tank in Penticton sooner rather than later.
  • Penticton pump prices lowest in the region

    PENTICTON - Penticton appears to be leading the way when it comes to low gas prices in the Thompson Okanagan this week, but don't expect it to last with a long weekend on the horizon.
  • Gas prices spiking in Penticton

    PENTICTON - Gas prices are taking a giant leap upwards in Penticton today.
  • Gas prices climbing across the Interior

    THOMPSON-OKANAGAN - After weeks of gas prices hovering in the $.90 per litre range, stations across the Interior have been slowly raising their prices over the last couple days. And the trend is not forecast to change any time soon.
  • Gas prices steady in the Okanagan while Kamloops prices drop

    OKANAGAN - While gas prices were trending downwards earlier this week drivers in the Okanagan didn’t get a break, unless they were up in Kamloops where prices dipped well below a dollar per litre.
  • Gas prices going up in the Okanagan

    OKANAGAN - Gas prices are rising throughout Canada and the Okanagan is no exception.

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