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  • Make the Most Out of Summer Grilling

    We all like to think of ourselves as grill kings, but it’s not just the chef’s outdoor cooking skills that make the perfect steak or burger.
         Having the right barbecue to put your tongs to, is step one to achieving that perfectly cooked and flavored meal.
         Deciding on what size you need is a good place to start. For home grillers, 500 to 800 square inches is likely sufficient
  • Not All About That Bass

    For many of us, our cars are more than just vehicles to transport us from point A to point B. They are often our office, our home away from home or a way for us to escape for some R & R.
         Because we spend a fair amount of time in our vehicles, there are likely a few must-have features; maybe it’s air conditioning, a sun roof, backup camera or great sound system

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