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News Items tag as: air conditioning

  • From Farming to Refrigeration

    You could say his dad chose his career path for him, but it’s not work that Don Nicklas regrets getting into.
  • Family Vision Fuels Growth

    When you have a clear vision, you’re bound to succeed.
  • Don't Let Inside be as Cold as Outside

    Heating and cooling equipment may not hold much interest for most of us, until we reach to turn on our furnace on a chilly autumn evening, or walk into what we thought would be a pre-cooled house and nothing is working as it should.
  • Keeping Cool on the Inside

    It’s distinctly possible that the Okanagan Valley in the springtime is the most beautiful place on earth. When the seasons change for the warmer, it’s tempting to start looking forward to all the things we’re going to do outside. But let’s not forget about the systems that work together to keep us comfortable inside.

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