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There’s a Local Dentist Who Loves to Listen? Tell Me More

Dr. Bentham is a local Penticton legend. His dental practice is a beloved community jewel, with over 50 years’ experience. We sat down with Dr. Bentham to ask him why his patients are enthusiastic about their dental experiences.

It didn’t take us long to figure out what is special about the Dr. R. Ronald Bentham Dental office.

“We don’t start any work, not even a cleaning, until we understand what is important to the patient. What do they want to see happen?” Dr. Bentham explained.

One recent patient arrived for an overdue check-up. She was quick to answer the dentist’s question when he asked what was important to her. She pointed out one tooth that was twisted slightly. It wasn’t a clinical issue requiring diagnosis or treatment but, to this patient, it had been a life-long burden. Dr. Bentham outlined a simple plan to straighten her tooth — and another overjoyed patient left his office smiling.

With state-of-the-art equipment and the clinic’s advanced air sanitization system, Dr. Bentham leads the way. Recent dentistry innovations mean front fillings can be completed without freezing, using laser technology. A patient arrived with pain-filled memories of her last cleaning in another province. She was asked about her concerns and what she wanted to see accomplished. When he checked in on the hygienist’s cleaning progress, the patient told Dr. Bentham there was a “night and day” difference — she left with a brilliant, fresh smile on her face.

By taking time at the beginning of each consultation, Dr. Bentham and his staff prioritize understanding each patient’s dental perspective. The office employs 24/7 UVC-light air filtration, providing best-in-class air purification during every visit. Reach out to Dr. R. Ronald Bentham Dental today for your next dental appointment and join the happy family.

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