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Make the Most Out of Summer Grilling

Sizzling with grilling is what makes summer hot.
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Original Publication Date May 14, 2018 - 12:00 AM

We all like to think of ourselves as grill kings, but it’s not just the chef’s outdoor cooking skills that make the perfect steak or burger.
     Having the right barbecue to put your tongs to, is step one to achieving that perfectly cooked and flavored meal.
     Deciding on what size you need is a good place to start. For home grillers, 500 to 800 square inches is likely sufficient. You can cook about 30 burgers on a 500 square inch surface. Price tags will range from $150 to upwards of $5,000 for the Lamborghini-style model grills.
     Choosing a style of grill depends on the type of barbecuing you want to do. Charcoal grills are good for the serious grill master as they provide the ability to cook on an open flame and lend a charcoal flavor to meat and veggies. Charcoal does take longer to come to temp however, and they are definitely messier to clean up.
     Many home grillers prefer fuel grills, either natural gas or propone. These come to temp quick, are cleaner and a little easier to cook with.
     If you are just wanting to grill up some hotdogs, patties and corn cobs for friends and family, you won’t need the elite  model that allows deep frying or even rotisserie cooking.
     Consideration should be given to the construction material; painted steel, which usually rusts when the paint scratches, or cast-aluminum which won’t rust. Stainless steel barbecues and those with stainless burners will generally last the longest, but will have a higher price tag.
     Cast iron grates do a great job of retaining heat. If they are not porcelain coated, they will have to be oiled. Steel grates aren’t quite as effective, nor do they last quite as long.
     The number of BTUs (British thermal unit) a grill has will determine how hot it gets. A 44,000 BTU grill is considered very hot. If you have a side burner, they usually are about 10,000 BTUs.  A built-in temperature gauge is not a bad idea as you won’t be tempted to lift the lid all the time.
     A good warranty will prevent you spending money on parts that shouldn’t break. Many brands have a 10 year warranty on the burner, some even a lifetime burner warranty. Keeping your grill covered when not in use will lengthen its life, as will cleaning the grates before and after each use. Burners should be cleaned at the beginning of grilling season.
    Gathering all that information is helpful, but the experts at Andre’s Electronic Experts can help you narrow down your choices based on need and budget. Visit one of their four Okanagan locations or check out all the grills and accessories at

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