Overdoses likely from drug being sold as heroin

Image Credit: Info News/File photo

KAMLOOPS - Ken Salter from Ask Wellness is warning drug users about a powerful painkiller being marketed as heroin on the streets of the city.

Salter says a dealer is selling fentanyl – a strong prescription painkiller – as heroin. Both drugs are obviously dangerous, but fentanyl is 100 times stronger than heroin and is slow acting.

“They buy a gram, they hit half a gram and nothing happens," Salter says, adding the drug takes so long to “kick in” users will try to use the second half.

“That’s when they’re in trouble.”

It’s unknown how many users have overdosed or died from the drug in Kamloops.

Salter says the drug is brown in colour, chunky and comes in baggies with a knot at the top. He knows it was in Vancouver and a long term user told him it’s now in Kamloops.

While Salter and others from Ask Wellness would like users to seek help for their drug addiction, he advises those who plan on using not use alone in the hopes of preventing an overdose.

If you or someone you know is a drug user and would like more information on recovery, contact Ask Wellness at 250-315-0098.

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