NDP makes promises without revealing platform

Provincial NDP leader Adrian Dix speaks at TRU this morning.

By Jennifer Stahn

Provincial NDP leader Adrian Dix was in Kamloops today, Friday, Feb. 15, to talk about the NDP's plans to reinstate Science World, a program that brought the wonder of science and technology to children and visited more than 150 communities across the province before it's funding was cut.

It didn't take long for conversation to flow to the upcoming election, with Dix bringing up the Liberal's spending not long after his opening comments. With a lot of focus on what Dix called, “attack ads,” he noted his party had “not once responded with attack ads.” He wants to see a policy put in place that would prevent using the “public treasury as a bank account” and would prefer to focus on youth, he said.

Dix, who expects the budget to be put through next week, also noted “they've got a majority, so I assume the Liberal members of the legislature will support the Liberal party government on its budget...There is a lot of, shall we say, angst, it appears, in the Liberal party. But, that's their issue. All we can do is do what we're doing."

But that was all Dix would really say about that matter, not wanting to reveal his party's platform just yet, “we'll present it when we present it,” he said. Though he did mention his party's interest in having policies on tax, science and of course spending. He did say their platform would be coming soon, but preferred to focus on the fact that the money the Liberals have spent on partisan ads could fund the Science World program for 16 years.

He continued to bolster his party's image, offering up bits of information about a “serious and responsible approach...(and) not promising things you can't pay for,” and being more open than any other opposition party has ever been. Inevitably the conversation came back to the Liberals advertising choices but Dix refused to partake in the same type of behaviour, noting “I don't think it serves anyone's purpose for me to engage in what the Liberal Party does.”

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