EDITOR'S NOTE: Your turn

Image Credit: Infotel News

Last week we promised something different from our columnists, and hopefully you see our commitment to quality.

When we find them, we help them. We don’t bury them. And we’ve got room for more.

Now it’s your turn. Come and try out for the team.

If you’ve got the chops, we want to hear from you. Perhaps you have a unique writing style and good ideas. Or maybe you have important information you want to share. About sports, business, entertainment, law, recreation, cars, homes, pets, kids, nightlife, your neighbourhood.

It doesn't even have to be written. Tell us through photos or videos.

Experienced editors can work with you to hone the craft and share what you’ve got.

Contact editor Marshall Jones at mjones@infotelnews.ca or call 250-718-2724 with your ideas.

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