Creating pornography charge dropped for Dutch man linked to Amanda Todd case

Amanda Todd, 15, is shown in this undated handout photo from one of the many Facebook memorial sites set up after her suspected suicide.
Image Credit: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Facebook-HO

VANCOUVER - Dutch prosecutors have dropped a charge of creating child pornography against Aydin Coban, the same man who is accused of extortion and Internet luring in Canada connected to the Amanda Todd case.

Coban's lawyer, Christian van Dijk, confirmed the charge had been dropped, but says his client still faces charges of extortion and spreading pictures of naked victims at a trial set for next April.

Van Dijk says Coban hasn't been charged in connection to the Todd case, but does face charges related to other alleged victims outside of the country.

Neil MacKenzie, a spokesman for the B.C. Criminal Justice Branch, says the branch is proceeding with efforts to extradite Coban to face criminal charges in connection to Todd in British Columbia.

He says the branch has forwarded an extradition request for Coban to the federal Department of Justice, which will relay the petition to Holland.

Before Todd's suicide, she posted an emotional video on the Internet that tells how she was lured by an unidentified man to expose herself during an online encounter.

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