B.C. to hunt wolves by helicopter in order to save endangered caribou herds

Image Credit: Google Maps

VANCOUVER - The British Columbia government plans to hunt as many as 184 wolves in an attempt to save five dwindling caribou herds.

There are just 18 South Selkirk caribou left, down from 46 animals in 2009, and the government says evidence points to wolves being the leading cause of the deaths.

In four caribou herds in the south Peace area, research shows that wolves are responsible for at least 37 per cent of the fatalities.

The province says hunting and trapping the wolves hasn't worked and that method may even split up the packs and lead to more caribou being killed.

Instead, ministry staff will hunt two dozen wolves in the south Selkirk area and another 120 to 160 wolves in the south Peace by helicopter before the snow melts this spring.

The government says it has been working with First Nations and organizations in Idaho and Washington to find ways to save the caribou because one of the herds crosses boundaries.

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