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  • B.C. film festival organizer surprised by tax bill after moving programming online during pandemic

    Vancouver Queer Film Festival

    The Vancouver Queer Film Festival was exempt from collecting and paying B.C.'s provincial sales tax — until it started streaming films online due to COVID-19.

  • Girl interrupted: Mulan and other female-led films endeavour to reach audiences during COVID-19


    The widely anticipated adaptation of Mulan opens Friday, but only for subscribers to the Disney screening service — a move that could diminish the impact of the biggest film to ever be directed by a woman

  • Federal Court issues first ever order to block piracy website

    Federal Court ISP Piracy 20191119

    A Federal Court is ordering Canada's internet service providers to block websites for a company selling pirated television online, deeming that such a move wouldn't infringe on freedom of expression or net neutrality.

  • King's Faith

    King's Faith

    Rated: PG13.

    A reformed teenage gangster rescues his popular high school classmate from a fiery car wreck, and helps to restore her faith in God while contending with some former partners in crime. Brendan King (Crawford Wilson) was on the fast-track to prison when he was arrested in a federal raid at age 15. Years later, he's devoted his life to god, moved in with a foster family, and reenrolled in high school. One day, while returning home from a meeting with his Christian teen group the Seekers, Brendan happens across the scene of a devastating car accident, and sees student-council president Natalie Jenkins (Kayla Compton) trapped in the wreckage. The flames inching closer, he rushes in and sweeps her away to safety. Later, when police discover drugs in Natalie's car, she's sentenced to perform community service with the Seekers while Brendan is being hailed as a local hero. At first all Natalie wants is to get the job done and get back to her life, but the more time she spends with the Seekers, the more she begins to realize just how far she has drifted from God. With Brendan's support, Natalie confesses the secret that eroded her faith. Later, when the thugs Brendan used to run with threaten Natalie and his foster family in a bid to make him reveal the location of a drug stash hidden by their leader before he was killed, a conflict arises that could destroy the new life he's struggled so hard to build.- ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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