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  • Enderby couple toughs out grim diagnosis with love and laughter

    ENDERBY - Ray Hartt, an Enderby firefighter, will do just about anything for his wife, recently diagnosed with a rare and fatal autoimmune condition. He doesn’t hesitate to do the dishes or the laundry. He installed a remote control camera in the house so he can keep an eye on her, even when he’s not home. To keep her warm, one of the biggest challenges with her condition, he built a blanket fort in their living room so they could cozy up and watch movies
Vernon RCMP Supt. responds to 'RISK IT OUT'
Editor,   I am concerned by significant inaccuracies that could compromise both officer and public safety, in the November 30th Infonews article by Charlotte Helston on RCMP staffing in Vernon. To set the record straight, I do

Editor's Note in response to allegations from Vernon RCMP Supt. Jim McNamara
Editor’s note: • Watch shifts at the Vernon detachment have fallen as low as three roadable officers. • The department suffers from chronic understaffing. • Sources, who we trust and who have knowledge of the situ

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