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  • Gas prices set to spike in Kamloops by the end of this week

    KAMLOOPS - You can expect to see a noticeable price increase at the gas pumps in Kamloops relatively soon.
  • Kamloops not immune from Petro-Canada gasoline shortage

    KAMLOOPS - The gasoline shortage impacting Petro-Canada stations in the Southern Interior has hit Kamloops.
  • Gas prices are on the rise throughout the Southern Interior

    THOMPSON-OKANAGAN - It's going to cost you more to fill up your gas tank throughout the Thompson-Okanagan this weekend.
  • Gas prices climbing across the Interior

    THOMPSON-OKANAGAN - After weeks of gas prices hovering in the $.90 per litre range, stations across the Interior have been slowly raising their prices over the last couple days. And the trend is not forecast to change any time soon.
  • Gas prices spiking in Kamloops

    KAMLOOPS - There’s still a handful of stations holding out, but it appears many more are trying to once again hike the price at the pumps.
  • Gas prices drop below 80 cents per litre in Kamloops

    KAMLOOPS - After holding steady just above the 80 cents per litre mark for nearly a week, one gas station has finally dropped below as prices continue to fall around the province.
  • Kamloops gas prices among the cheapest in B.C.

    KAMLOOPS - If you’ve been tracking the gas prices in Kamloops you know they go up and down, and on a regular basis, and this week we are back below $1 per litre, about 13 cents below where we were a week ago, and right where we were a year ago.
  • Gas prices continue to drop in Kamloops

    KAMLOOPS - Gas prices hit a dollar per litre earlier this week and they continue to drop heading into the weekend, putting Kamloops prices as some of the cheapest in the province.
  • Gas prices drop below a dollar per litre in Kamloops

    KAMLOOPS - Winter driving may be causing headaches for drivers in Kamloops but at least the price at the pumps won’t be adding to your misery.
  • Gas prices climbing in Kamloops

    KAMLOOPS - After finally dropping to 121.9 cents per litre at many stations around the city, some stations jumped 14 cents in one day, making those Kamloops stations among the most expensive in the province.

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