Whistle blowing annoys Spences Bridge residents

Residents of Spences Bridge are concerned by train whistles at a crossing within the community.

THOMPSON-NICOLA REGIONAL DISTRICT – A petition submitted to the TNRD last week shows signatures of 50 residents of Spences Bridge who wish to have the train whistles stop within the community.

The group is asking CP and CN both cease blowing the whistles at Colvin Road and Station Crossing Street. Another 40 people from outside of the community also signed the petition.

The board now has to decide whether to allow staff to look into what procedures need to be followed in forbidding train whistles within town limits by contacting the train companies, railway unions, the ministry of transportation and the general public.

Once the necessary procedures, including site inspections, have taken place recommendations would be made to the board on whether to limit train whistles in Spences Bridge. If the board agrees it would go to Transport Canada for final approval on eliminating whistling at the crossing.

There are several dozen properties near the intersection.

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