West Kelowna wants to know what you think

Brown Road in West Kelowna
Image Credit: SOURCE/Google Streetview

West Kelowna is holding an open house, seeking public input for two initiatives; Westbank Centre Revitalization and the Brown Road Improvement Project and Memorial Upgrades.

The Brown Road Improvement Project has an $800,000 budget this year to improve the streetscape from Main Street to Bering Road in keeping with the Westbank Centre Revitalization Plan. The public is welcome to provide input on proposed improvements such as street trees, sidewalks, street furnishings and crosswalks.

Memorial Park upgrades include improving the existing outdoor facility and enhancing the Music in the Park summer concert series hosted there.

The event will take place March 14 from 4 to 7 p.m. at Westbank Lions Hall, 2466 Main Street, West Kelowna.

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