Vernon library to open doors but access limited

VERNON - It looks like the Vernon library will open it's doors again soon, at least paritially.

The library was recently flooded forcing the closure but after restoration efforts, the public will be allowed in starting February 24. Coffee, juice and cookies will be served in the lobby to celebrate the partial opening, that excludes the main floor that is still undergoing restoration.

Programming will be held on the second floor. A portion of children's a teen's collections will be housed on the second floor for the time being. Other collections already housed on the second floor will be available for browsing as usual.

The main floor will likely remain closed for a number of weeks yet because drywall, insulation and carpeting will be replaced.

While construction is taking place, parents are asked to accompany their children throughout the visit.

Regular operating hours are in effect. Some programs will be affected due to logistics but information is available on the branch website.


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