Vernon drug dealer not getting the message

Image Credit: (SOURCE/RCMP)

By Charlotte Helston

A pair of 23 year-old Vernon women were arrested Feb. 15 along with the seizure of 31 grams of powder cocaine and 21 grams of crack cocaine packaged for sale.

"They're probably street level individuals, obviously very active," Gord Molendyk, spokesperson for the RCMP said.

For one of the women, the encounter with police was not her first, and a warrant was out for her arrest.

The woman was found with 95 individually packaged bags of crack cocaine and suspected Ocycodone pills last month near Princeton. She had a female passenger with her that day, but not the same one who was arrested last Friday. Molendyk said they were heading away from Vernon, toward the coast with their products.

The same woman allegedly sold cocaine to an undercover cop in September of 2012.

The Friday bust was all part of a cocaine trafficking investigation. Around 6 p.m. the drug unit executed a search warrant in an apartment in the 3000 block of 37th Ave. Along with the crack and powder cocaine, officers found smaller amounts of Methamphetamine, Ecstacy and Oxycodone.

The women were arrested near the apartment. The first suspect was found to be breaching one of her conditions and is currently being held for court. She is expected to make a court appearance Feb. 18.

She had been released on both files with conditions.  During her arrest on Feb. 15 she was found to be breaching one of her conditions.  This suspect is being held for court and is expected to make a court appearance later today. 

"Obviously there is some history when this individual gets caught in September, then again in January, and now in February," Molendyk said. "What is the amount of volume that has been put on our street as a result? It would be naive to think that she only was in possession 3 times during that time period."

The second suspect has been released on a number of conditions to appear in court at a later date.

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