Vancouver expo shows breadth, growth of Canadian marijuana industry

Image Credit: Shutterstock

VANCOUVER - A two-day marijuana exhibition in Vancouver is giving people an idea of just how large and varied Canada's cannabis industry has become.

Natasha Raey is the spokeswoman for Lift Cannabis Co., which put on the event.

She says the show helps to break down stereotypes and prove there is a credible side of the industry.

More than 100 exhibitors are showcased their wares this weekend, including businesses selling seeds and growing equipment, producers licensed by Health Canada to grow and sell marijuana, and a firm that provides financing marijuana-related businesses.

The show also hosted a variety of panels, including how to speak to your doctor about marijuana and parents talking about treating their children with cannabis.

Raey says there has been an up swell of interest in the industry in recent years, particularly in the corporate side as the country moves toward creating legislation for the legalization.

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