Under Bennett Bridge a dangerous place

The RCMP are busy this long weekend looking for boaters who are breaking the 8 km/h speed limit under the William R. Bennett Bridge.
Image Credit: RCMP

It’s the long weekend. It’s hot. You launch your high-powered ski boat into the cool waters of Okanagan Lake.

Turning the key and firing up the engine, you launch yourself and your family like a rocket across the water.

Then you see flashing lights in your rear-view mirror. The RCMP pull you over and hand you a $230 ticket.

This scenario played itself out over-and-over again this long weekend.

RCMP officers with the Southeast District and West Kelowna detachment were busy targeting speeding boaters. Their focus was the water under the William R. Bennett Bridge in Kelowna.

The speed limit under the bridge is 8 km/h. If you’re caught breaking that limit, it will cost you big time. There’s the $200 provincial fine, plus the $30 surcharge, for a grand total of $230.

Some ne’er do wells will probably be asking themselves: “But why can’t I go fast under the bridge?”

Cpl. Bob Courcelles with the West Kelowna RCMP says there is limited visibility, the area is congested and the channels are narrow.

He reminds boaters that the speed limits are there to protect everyone using the waterways.

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