Two more top aides part ways with beleaguered Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

May 27, 2013 - 11:46 AM
TORONTO - Two more senior members of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's staff have left their jobs.

A statement from the mayor's office said Ford's press secretary George Christopoulos and his deputy are no longer employed in the office.

Ford remains embroiled in a scandal that he was caught on an alleged video tape appearing to smoke crack cocaine. He has denied he uses crack cocaine and said the video doesn't exist.

Last week, Ford and his chief of staff Mark Towhey parted ways.

In a tweet after news surfaced that the staffers had left, Towhey called Christopolous and Isaac Ransom "outstanding, honest and honourable professionals."

The statement from the mayor's office thanked the pair for their work and wished them well.

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