Two lost boys returned home safe

Image Credit: Google Maps

KELOWNA - Two boys spent more time in the bush than they anticipated after they got disoriented and nearly lost exploring the High Rim Trail between Beaver Lake Road and Postill Lake Road.

Central Okanagan Search and Rescue were called out to help find the boys but a parent and a friend found them first, says spokesman Duane Tresnich. Search and rescue arrived and tracked the four of them until they were out of the bush.

"We ensured that they were okay and that no medical attention was required for anyone," Tresnich says.

He says it's a good reminder that if you become disoriented or lost, you should stay put, call 911 and let search and rescue come and get you.

"Even though tonight had a very positive outcome, calling friends or family to come find you is not advisable," he says. "You might also be putting them in danger and falling into the same predicament as yourself."

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