TRENDING NOW: Transformers then and now

Image Credit: YouTube

If you grew up in the 80s these were the Transformers you knew. They looked like toys, they looked like vehicles, the song was catchy.

To many kids today, they are 'retro' and not at all the way Transformers are meant to be.

From 'that's so weird' to 'this is not the same Transformers I know' these kids had a lot to say about the original. Some seemed to really enjoy the old Transformers while others just couldn't seem to take them seriously.

"This is like Groundhog Day."

"Everything is based on everything. Everything from the 21st century was probably based on something that was in the past."

Do you agree with these kids? Are Transformers better now or will the originals always hold a place in your heart?

Credit: YouTube

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