Transportation Plan Update

The City of Kamloops is pleased to be the recipient of $100,000 in funding from the Government of Canada through the Gas Tax Fund transfer to support its Transportation Plan Update.

Using these funds, the Kamloops Travelsmart Transportation Plan will be updated to review sustainable targets such as increased transit ridership and reduced vehicle ownership, and evaluate the desired level of service versus the 'triple bottom line' analysis.

The five key objectives of the Transportation Plan Update are:
Achieving the Sustainable Kamloops Plan transportation targets;
Determining the effect of transportation on all components of the Sustainable Kamloops Plan, such as GHG emissions and air and water quality;
Evaluating the desired level of service versus the ‘triple bottom line’ (environmental, social, and economic impacts);
Integration with the Official Community Plan (OCP) update and other relevant plans; and
Completing a robust public participation process.
As a result of this project, the City aims to achieve the transportation targets in the Sustainable Kamloops Plan which include: 30% sustainable modes to work by 2020; transit ridership increased by 50% by 2020; and vehicle ownership reduced to 0.6 vehicles per capita by 2020. The update will also support the targets of the other sustainability components such as air, energy, GHG emissions, and natural environment.

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