Toss a butt out the window in Vernon and you could receive a fine

People who toss cigarette butts out car windows could face fines starting at $81.
Image Credit: Marshall Jones

VERNON - Watch your butts, smokers.

If you’re caught throwing a cigarette butt out the window, Vernon RCMP say you could face fines.

It starts with $81 for depositing litter or an injurious item, and could go up another $173 for violating the Wildfire Act, RCMP spokesperson Gord Molendyk says.

“Especially when things are so hot right now, and the fire danger is so high, our officers could be writing tickets,” Molendyk says.

If you see someone dropping a butt out a window, Molendyk says to write down the license plate number and description of the vehicle, and if possible, take a photo (as long as you aren’t driving.) He says you must also be prepared to testify if the case ever goes to court.

People who discard butts that lead to fires can also be on the hook for related damages and firefighting costs, Molendyk adds.

“Use common sense. Do not throw your cigarette butts out the window,” Molendyk says. “It’s not a good time to do it ever, but especially at this time of year when things are tinder dry, use your ashtray.”

Kamloops RCMP are cracking down on smokers with the bad habit of discarding butts out the window, and have already issued four tickets. Meanwhile, the province is looking at ways to deter such offences, such as possibly impounding vehicles for people who throw their butts out car windows.

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