This judge means business

Kevin Forgaard was arrested in April 2013 for breaking and entering.
Image Credit: Crime Stoppers

PENTICTON — A Penticton Provincial judge laid into an offender for not following the rules of his conditional sentence.

Judge Gregory Koturbash was stern as he spoke to Kevin Forgaard, who was under house arrest for a break and enter offense last year.

A condition of the sentence was that he not leave the confines of his home, but went into his backyard in April to do some yardwork. He said he didn’t know his yard was off limits.

All he wanted to do was some yard work, and wasn’t that “okay” with the judge?

“I have no sympathy for you,” Koturbash said.

The judge then listed off the luxuries of a conditional sentence, such as being around family, home-cooked meals and serving a sentence in a comfortable environment. Then he revoked the conditional sentence and snet him to prison for the remaining six months of his sentence.

Forgaard asked if he could have a few days to “sort out his kids,” but Koturbash said no.

“The public is losing trust” in the effectiveness of conditional sentences because of people like you, Koturbash said.

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