Telus to break ground on new cell tower

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Efforts to improve cell reception in Cherryville are moving ahead.

Telus is proposing a 70 meter self-support tower which would provide an umbrella of cell coverage over the area. The tower would be erected at 77 Cochrane Road, a property Telus has already entered into a lease agreement with.

Directors of the Regional District of North Okanagan will formally receive information about the tower at a meeting Wednesday. Staff say the tower does not require any approvals from the regional district, but Telus wants a resolution from the board to show consultation has been done.

In a letter to the district, Philip Barker of Telus says the project is a partnership with the province to increase highway safety.

"We are excited to offer residents in some cases services that do not presently exist or a choice in the services that so many people use on a daily basis," Barker says. "This will also provide additional coverage in times of emergency."

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