Take a bite out of the grasshopper population

Image Credit: Cypherone via Flickr

THOMPSON-OKANAGAN - With the abundance of grasshoppers in our yards and parks right now it’s the perfect time to try a new recipe.

The leaping insects are common cuisine in many countries so get your nets and mason jars and get to catching some of these tiny treats. They can be baked, deep fried and dipped in chocolate, or for those a little less adventurous, ground up into a fine flour.

We’ve collected some of the most appetizing recipes we could find using grasshoppers, so take a look through and then get to cooking.

Don't worry, we won't tell anyone what's in that fruitcake if you won't, at least not until afterwards.

Editor's Note in response to allegations from Vernon RCMP Supt. Jim McNamara
Editor’s note: • Watch shifts at the Vernon detachment have fallen to as low as three roadable officers. • The department suffers from chronic understaffing. • Sources, who we trust and who have knowledge of the s

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