Sprinklers at Vancouver's library go off after shooting of 'Supergirl' TV series

Image Credit: Danielle Griscti via Flikr

VANCOUVER - Supergirl may be able to use her superpowers to solve problems on TV, but it was the show's crew and Vancouver firefighters who jumped into action when fire sprinklers went off at the city's main library.

Eric Smith, director of corporate services at the Vancouver Public Library, says the sprinklers in the atrium started gushing water early Friday morning, shortly after shooting for the TV show "Supergirl" had wrapped.

Smith says firefighters and crew members began cleaning up immediately — much of the water ran through the atrium, into the lower meeting rooms and then into the parking garage.

He says it was actually fortunate that so many people were around to help clean up, allowing them to open the library as usual at 10 a.m.

Officials are still investigating what set off the sprinklers and a damage estimate is still being tallied.

Smith joked that they really could have used some "Supergirl" powers to help deal with the problem, saying: "If she could have just blown (away) the water, or whatever, that would have been great."

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