Skies continue rain of terror over Penticton sunshine this weekend

THIRSTY - This plant drinks up one of the last puddles in a Fairview Road apartment parking lot. Environment Canada forecasts more rain this Saturday.

Penticton is twisting the rule about showers bringing flowers with 35mm of rain falling in May. Last month 52.42 mm fell down and it looks like the deluge will continue.

So far 35 mm of rainfall has fed Penticton's vineyards and lawns this month with May 17 offering the most with 14.2 mm. May 2 has offered the least so far with 1.2 mm.

Environment Canada predicts there will be a 30 per cent chance of showers this afternoon with a risk of thunderstorm with a low of plus 3 Celsius tonight. There's no precipitation warning for Friday with a high of 18 expected.

Penticton will not be its sunny self on Saturday with a cloudy overcast day predicted and a 60 per cent chance of showers and a low of 8 C. Sunday will be cloudy with a low of 8 C as well.

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