RIH Foundation launches holiday fundraising campaign in support of mental wellness

KAMLOOPS - The Royal Inland Hospital Foundation officially kicked off its Holiday Fundraising Campaign today, in support of mental wellness at RIH.

Heidi Coleman, RIH Foundation CEO explained, “It’s time we talk more about mental health and support this critical unit at Royal Inland Hospital”.

Amanda Lavigne, Manager of Acute Mental Health Services at RIH elaborated, “Royal Inland Hospital’s mental health unit (1 South) sees approximately 950 patients each year. The patients we see in 1 South are just like anyone else – they are parents, grandparents, spouses, and young adults. On any given day, we see patients from all different cultures and backgrounds; they are just as diverse and unique as you and I.”

The mental health unit at Royal Inland Hospital cares for patients from all walks of life, within our Kamloops community and outlying areas.  It is situated in an older part of the hospital and although the unit needs some upgrading, the care that is given there each day is remarkable.

Heidi Coleman finished, “It’s time to give this critical unit at RIH the attention it deserves.  Many patients spend days or even weeks in 1 South. With your support, we will renovate the common area, where patients and their families spend time reading, exercising, and visiting.  Providing patients with some of the comforts of home is so important for their healing and well-being.”

The Foundation shared quotes of patients who are grateful for the care they’ve received from the exceptional staff in the 1 South Unit.

A former 1 South patient provided caregivers an ornament to thank them for their excellent care and as a symbol of the Foundation’s campaign to dedicate their donation.

This December, RIH supporters are being asked to dedicate a holiday ornament to a loved one or care person when they make a gift to the Foundation. The dedicated ornaments will be on display in the hospital during the holiday season.

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