Antifreeze myth? Reports of poisonings in local dog parks don't add up

KELOWNA — City parks staff, and now police, are continuing to investigate disturbing reports of anti-freeze soaked baked goods left in local dog parks.

So far they've found no evidence of the poisoned treats. A survey of all veterinarians in the Central Okanagan confirms none treated any animal antifreeze poisoning in the past few weeks.

The story appears to be a typical viral myth playing out on social media sites. Only one man has put their name to the alleged threats, saying he found antifreeze soaked buns at the dog park in Glenmore. He said he threw them in the garbage. However he has refused to answer any questions about why he suspected they were soaked with antifreeze. 

From there, the rumours started building. City parks manager Ian Wilson says the city looked into a report over the weekend that someone took their dog to the veterinarian after it allegedly ate anti-freeze poisoned timbits in the Rutland dog park. 

"We saw some reports in the media (Sunday), but haven't spoken directly to these folks," Wilson says. In this case the individual wants to remain anonymous. Wilson did however follow up with the veterinarian at the Fairfield Animal Hospital.

"The vet ran tests on the dog and found no evidence of poison," he says.

Still, the parks department is not immune to the hype, treating the reports as suspicious and are stepping up their monitoring at all nine off-leash dog parks.

"Based upon several different calls it sounds like there may be something suspicious," he says.

Signs were posted throughout the parks, cautioning the public to watch their dogs carefully and report anything unusual.

Meanwhile, police are also getting involved, but admit they have no evidence either. One official complaint came in about the "scent" of antifreeze at the Rutland dog park. 

The RCMP have also opened a file and assigned a constable to the investigation.

If you do notice something suspicious, report it immediately by calling 250 71-PARKS.

To contact the reporter for this story, email Marshall Jones at or call (250)718-2724.

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