Pup's surgery is part of the Rocky road

Rocky is recovering after surgery to move a piece of plastic chair and rocks from his stomach this weekend.
Image Credit: B.C. SPCA Kamloops Branch via Facebook


KAMLOOPS — It might seem fitting that Rocky's stomach was filled with rocks, but those rocks are what almost killed the young pup this weekend.

The gravel pit in the two-and-a-half month old lab-pit bull cross' stomach has since been removed and the young dog is now in foster care and recovering after being brought to the SPCA recently.

“He's such a playful, energetic, mischievous little guy,” Branch Manager Charleen Holloway says. “And he's cute as well as resilient. It was touch and go during the surgery, but he pulled through and is recovering well.

Originally estimated at between $1,500-$2,500 for both surgery and related care, the extensive surgery came in at more than $2,000, and after care costs will still need to be covered as well.

It will take about six weeks for the young pup to recover and then he'll be up for adoption.

The SPCA is now asking for help in paying for Rocky's care, as well as other animals like him currently at the shelter. Donations can be made online or in person at the branch.

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