Police take aggressive drivers and speeders off Westside Road

Some areas of Westside Road are crumbling.
Image Credit: SOURCE/Google Streetview

The reputation of Westside Road as a treacherous highway hasn't stopped drivers from travelling at excessive speeds or driving aggressively according to the RCMP and that has prompted recent enforcement measures.

Mounties set up June 30 to tackle the problem and caught two motorcyclists speeding. The fastest was moving at 163 km/h in a 70 zone. Both motorcycles were impounded for seven days and the drivers fined.

Another man was stopped for passing illegally and it was soon discovered he was driving while prohibited. His vehicle was impounded. He was released roadside and will attend court at a later date.

Mounties want to remind drivers that braking distance is proportional to the square of the speed, meaning that it increases significantly as speed increases. When factoring in reaction time to other cars, pedestrians or unforeseen road obstructions, the risk of being involved in a crash that results in injury or death increases.

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