PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: Snow-dogs of the Thompson-Okanagan

Like us humans, dogs braved the deep snow of the Thompson-Okanagan this week.
Image Credit: Instagram User Kirsten Mason

THOMPSON-OKANAGAN - You’d think four legs are better for getting around in the snow than two.

But that’s not the case when you’re a dog and the snow is higher than you are. Like us humans, some Thompson-Okanagan dogs embraced the snow this week, while others sulked about it.

You’ll see some grumpy dog faces in the photos and videos below, but you’ll also see some smiling, slobbering, gleeful ones.

Many dogs adopted a dolphin-like jump to get through the deep snow, others looked more like they were drowning.

Whatever they’re doing, we promise these snow-dogs of the Thompson-Okanagan will bring you a smile.

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